Know The Legal Status of Delta 8 THC in Illinois Before You Buy Online

Delta 8 Illinois

Illinois has had a pretty open attitude towards the legalization of cannabis, but the appearance of a multitude of cannabinoid products begs the question of their particular legality. Recently, there’s been some noise regarding the legal status of hemp-derived delta 8 THC in the Prairie State.  Let’s look at the current hemp laws in the […]

The Loophole in Kansas Law That Makes Delta 8 THC Legal

Delta 8 Kansas

Kansas is pretty restrictive when it comes to hemp-derived products. The state allows the sale of CBD oil with zero delta 9, so you might wonder where that puts hemp-derived delta 8 THC products?  Can you buy them in Kansas? Are there some restrictions you need to know before you buy? Let’s look at the […]

Delta 8 Legal in Indiana But for How Long? [2021 Laws & Regulations]

Delta 8 Indiana

Delta 8 edibles, vape cartridges, and tinctures are available across smoke shops and CBD dispensaries in Indiana. The Peach State is generally known as anti-cannabis, so this may be surprising to most people who want to purchase ∆8-THC products. If you’re going to try ∆8-THC for sleep or anxiety but have questions around its legal […]

What’s The Legal Status of Delta 8 THC in Hawaii After Its New Rule on Hemp Products?

Delta 8 Hawaii

It’d be nice to chill with some delta 8 pre-rolls and gummies while in the Aloha State. Unfortunately, Hawaii banned certain types of cannabinoid products, including some of your favorite ones. Can you still buy ∆8-THC in the Aloha State? Let’s look at the legal status of this compound & what’s the best place to […]

Delta 8 is Everywhere in Georgia, But Are All Products Legal [Laws 2021]

Delta 8 Georgia_c8s

Delta 8 THC is legal in Georgia, but we don’t know for how long. This is a pressing question for the Peach State, considering its strict relationship with cannabis.  Users love this cannabinoid because it offers a better (and cheaper) alternative to delta 9 and may potentially alleviate pain, help with sleep and anxiety. Let’s […]

Delta 8 Now Legal in Connecticut. But Can You Buy It?

Delta 8 Connecticut

When is delta 8 considered legal in Connecticut? The state passed a new law that regulates the sale of hemp products with a THC concentration over 0.3%. If you want to continue buying ∆8-THC in Connecticut, you’re probably wondering whether it’s legal to order online.  Let’s look at how these brand new regulations affected the […]

Delta 8 THC Legal in Oregon | How The State Fused High-THC Hemp and Weed Products

Delta 8 Oregon

Oregon is the first state to fully embrace hemp cannabinoid products with high levels of THC. The state set a new precedent on how high-THC marijuana and hemp products will be regulated in the future.  How does the new law affect the sale of the premium, hemp-derived ∆8-THC in Oregon? Let’s look at the state […]

California Legalized CBD. What Does That Mean for Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 California

After over three years of failed attempts, California finally legalized cannabidiol (CBD). The new bill updates the definition of ‘THC,’ which affects the sale and distribution of hemp-derived delta 8 in the Golden State. Let’s look at the current hemp laws in California and whether you can still buy ∆8-THC product.  Is Delta 8 THC […]

Delta 8 THC Still Legal in Alabama | Buy Lab-Tested, Pure Products Here

Delta 8 Alabama

Although Alabama lawmakers had a failed attempt to ban delta 8 and delta 10, the state maintains a pretty friendly attitude towards products containing these compounds.  The state recently legalized medical marijuana for various conditions, which raises the question about the future legality of ∆8-THC products. Let’s look at the state hemp law and where […]

Delta 8 THC Still Legal in Washington: Will It Remain That Way in The Future

Delta 8 Washington

No one saw it coming, but after the federal legalization of hemp, its delta 8 THC derivative nearly “broke” the industry with its popularity. An entire market emerged surrounding the substance — with the sale of edibles, tinctures, and vapes skyrocketing.  If you live in Washington and you are a fan of this cannabinoid, you […]