Is Delta 8 Legal in Maryland & Where to Buy the Best Gummies

Delta 8 in Maryland

Maryland’s residents are exploring the unique properties of hemp and its cannabinoids, especially delta 8 THC. This minor cannabinoid is available in various stores in the Free State, and people use it for pain, low appetite, or to unwind before sleep.

The legality of ∆8-THC can be complicated, so if you’re wondering whether you’re buying a legal product in Maryland, read on.  

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Maryland? 

Hemp-derived delta 8 THC products are legal in Maryland. The Free State hasn’t passed legislation that explicitly bans this substance. 

What is Delta 8 THC? 

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the most popular cannabis compounds that naturally occur in hemp in less than 0.1%. Due to its mildly psychotropic effects that are much less potent but similar to delta 9 in marijuana, ∆8-THC is known as “weed light.” Two of the most common uses of this cannabinoid are anxiety and sleep. 

Though we need more research, delta 8’s beneficial properties have been confirmed by relevant sources and are linked to its affinity towards the CB1 receptors in the brain. This compound is most known as the less potent version of delta 9. It exhibits an uplifting feeling of euphoria that, though it gets the user “high,” it does so without intense anxiety.    

Buying Delta 8 THC in Maryland

Online vendors like Crazy8s bring you the best products on the market. We are the leading provider of tested ∆8-THC derived from hemp and ship premium and potent items to your Maryland home. 

If you’re just dipping your toes into cannabinoid products, we recommend you start with our 10mg delta 8 gummies. Dosage can be tricky as a beginner, especially when using an oil or a tincture. A gummy eases this process by providing a precise dose of cannabinoids and terpenes, so you can just pop it into your mouth wherever you are. 

Our gummies are infused with premium ∆8-THC distillate and come in several options of 10mg, 20mg, and 50mg delta 8 per gummy. They are crafted using 100% all-natural, vegan ingredients and are absolutely delicious and efficient. 

Keep in mind that edibles take a while to work, so if you’re looking for immediate relief or relaxation, consider our Delta 8 pre-rolls. Products meant for inhalation are the most fast-acting because cannabinoids travel directly to the bloodstream. Each 1-gram pre-roll is made from top-quality CBD flower of the strain Stormy Daniels and sprayed with pure ∆8-THC distillate, kief, and strain-specific, natural terpenes. 

Our gummies and pre-rolls have been tested by a third-party lab and are made with high-quality ingredients. They bring you the benefits of the entire hemp plant profile, which is the future of hemp. 

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Maryland?

Yes, delta 8 THC is legal in Maryland. The state hasn’t legalized the compound specifically, but it also hasn’t banned its use. 

Maryland legalized hemp after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The state’s hemp law defines the crop similar to the federal farm bill, which makes hemp derivatives like ∆8-THC legal. As long as the delta 8 product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, it can be legally sold in the Free State. 

Federal law excludes “hemp” and “THC in hemp” from the Schedule I controlled substances the group of drugs that have a high potential for abuse and addiction. Research has shown that hemp (and most of its compounds) doesn’t fall under this category.

Maryland law also excludes hemp from the definition of marijuana and the state list of controlled substances. As of this writing, you can buy delta 8 products in this state without restrictions except for the age requirement for individuals over 21. 

What Does the Future Hold?  

Maryland has been keeping pretty quiet when it comes to cannabis. The state does have a medical marijuana program that allows eligible patients to buy a limited amount of medical cannabis. 

The state decriminalized possession of 10 grams of weed, but recreational use of cannabis remains illegal. That said, the state is creating efforts to make the big jump and legalize all types of cannabis use. Like many states, Maryland may ban, restrict, or legalize ∆8-THC products as part of their medical marijuana system. Time will show which direction the Free State will take.

Delta 8 Maryland Laws

Is Delta 8 THC Legal Federally?

It’s been over a year since the release of the Interim Rule on hemp and hemp derivatives by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The rule went immediately into effect, but questions remain.  

As mentioned, the Farm Bill of 2018 effectively removed hemp from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. It also removed THC contained in hemp and cannabinoids like cannabidiol. 

Under federal law, hemp “derivatives, extracts, and cannabinoids” are not marijuana so long as they don’t exceed a delta 9 THC concentration of 0.3% by dry weight. Because hemp is no longer considered marijuana, it falls outside the authority of the DEA. 

However, “synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinol” does. Because delta 8 that’s being infused in products is converted from hemp cannabidiol (CBD) through isomerization, there are chances that it can be considered a synthetic compound. The legal status of synthetic cannabinoids is unaffected by the 2018 Farm Bill. 

So regardless of its intoxicating nature, hemp-derived ∆8-THC is legal federally. Whether the DEA will deem it a synthetic substance or not is up for debate. Until there’s a clear ban on this substance by the feds, it floats in murky waters.   

Yes, delta 8 is legal to buy in Maryland so long as the product doesn’t exceed 0.3% delta 9 THC by weight.

Delta 8 derived from hemp is technically legal to sell, but the state has yet to regulate the manufacturer and distribution of this cannabinoid.

Yes, you can freely order delta 8 products online from Crazy8s as the most trusted vendor on the market. The Free State hasn’t banned the sale of ∆8-THC products.

No, it’s not legal in all 50 states. Delta 8 is banned or restricted by 18 states, and a few more are in the process of reviewing the legality of this compound.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.