What You Should Know Before Buying Delta 8 THC in North Carolina

Delta 8 North Carolina

The broad legislation and evolving cannabinoid research made it possible to confidently possess, buy and sell hemp products in most states. When it comes to hemp-derived delta 8 THC, over 15 states in the nation have decided to ban or restrict this cannabinoid. North Carolina is not one of them. 

What is North Carolina’s position on hemp-derived Δ8-THC? Let’s look at the hemp laws and regulations in the Old North State. 

Is Delta 8 Legal in North Carolina? 

Despite North Carolina’s strict marijuana laws, delta 8 THC is legal in this state. For now, the state hasn’t banned the distribution and sale of this cannabinoid. 

You can use and possess Δ8-THC products with less than 0.3 percent delta 9 by dry weight in North Carolina.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a natural cannabinoid compound present in minuscule amounts in hemp plants. This cannabinoid is an isomer of the controversial cannabinoid delta 9 THC. 

As a THC substance with a slightly different chemical structure than delta 9, delta 8 is mildly psychotropic. It also doesn’t cause extreme side effects linked to THC use, like anxiety, fatigue, or paranoia. The mild and less erratic effects of delta 8 can boost appetite, help with anxiety and pain while also encouraging clarity and focus. 

Where to buy Delta 8 THC in North Carolina

You can probably find Δ8-THC products in local hemp shops and dispensaries. Yet, the best place to find tested, safe, and quality hemp Δ8-THC products is online. 

Crazy8s offers the finest delta 8 product collection that you can find on the market at a mid-range, affordable price. You don’t have to pay a fortune for quality Δ8-THC products. Our team works diligently to bring you pure and tested items high in cannabinoids and terpenes. 

We’ve been in this business for over five years and don’t cut corners when it comes to the ingredients that we put in our products. Take our best-seller: premium, organic, vegan-friendly delta 8 THC gummies as an example. These gummies are made with fresh and naturally derived ingredients, cannabinoids, and terpenes.  

If this is your first time trying this cannabinoid, the 10mg option will be perfect for you because they are potent and pack a punch. If you’re a seasoned user, consider the 50mg strength that is best used during the evening or before going to bed. 

If you are dealing with pain and need instant relief, consider our Δ8-THC hemp flower or vape products. A full gram delta 8 pre-roll is made from fresh CBD flower rich in terpenes and many other cannabinoids that can also help alleviate pain. 

You don’t need a medical marijuana card or a prescription to buy Δ8-THC products in North Carolina.  

You can buy delta 8 products online and have them delivered by mail. The United States Postal Service permits the shipping of hemp products with less than 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol within the country. Until a federal statute states otherwise, Δ8-THC falls within that category.

Is Delta 8 THC legal in North Carolina?

While the Farm Bill created a blanket approval for the possession and use of hemp, it’s still up to the states to regulate its legality within their borders.

Unlike other states, North Carolina hasn’t regulated the distribution, use, and possession of products containing Δ8-THC-rich extracts. 

Therefore, this compound is legal not because it has been specifically legalized and regulated (like in Florida) but because it’s derived from hemp and falls under its legal framework. 

After the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, North Carolina passed Senate Bill 352. This bill amended the state law to exclude all hemp-derived tetrahydrocannabinols, including naturally occurring THC isomers delta 8 and delta 10. 

This means that hemp-derived THC isomers are legal as long as they are infused in products with less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. Recreational marijuana is not legal in the Old North State. 

North Carolina doesn’t have an official state medical marijuana program. But, in 2014, it passed the Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act that allows patients with epilepsy to possess and use hemp extract with no more than .9% THC and at least 5% CBD by weight. 

What does the future hold? 

It’s clear that states aim at legalizing or banning this cannabinoid. However, we can see that all signs point out the potential federal legalization of the cannabis plant.

Considering North Carolina doesn’t have an approved medical marijuana program, there’s a likelihood that the state may restrict the sale of this cannabinoid in the future. 

But, nothing of the sort has been discussed yet in the Old North State. Also, judging from previous years, things can get quite uncertain in the hemp industry, so we can hope for the best.  

Delta 8 North carolina

Is Delta 8 THC legal Federally?

The federal legality of delta 8 THC is unresolved. 

Hemp-derived Δ8-THC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, this cannabinoid is present in tiny concentrations in the hemp plant, which makes its natural extraction difficult. 

So, most manufacturers synthesize this cannabidiol from hemp-derived CBD. The question is: can chemically extracted Δ8-THC be considered the same as naturally extracted Δ8-THC?

On 21 August 2020, the Drug Enforcement Administration published an Interim Final Rule stating that it would treat cannabinoids derived from chemical conversion or other synthetic methods as illegal. 

However, things remained quiet after the rule was issued, so it’s foreign which products fall under the category of “synthetically derived.”

Another important argument deals with the intoxicating nature of Δ8-THC. Critics like the US Cannabis Council argue that the 2018 Farm Bill doesn’t legalize the production of psychotropic substances just because they’ve been derived from a non-intoxicating hemp compound. 

Will delta 8 be considered a synthetic cannabinoid? Will the feds prohibit or regulate its production and use? Stay tuned for updates as this situation starts to resolve.

Is Delta 8 legal to buy in North Carolina?

Yes, the state hasn’t banned or restricted the distribution and sale of hemp-derived Δ8-THC products.

Is it legal to sell delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is a federally legal product and can be safely sold in states that haven’t banned or restricted it.

Can I order Delta 8 online legally?

Yes, you can legally order online. Make sure you choose a reputable brand like Crazy8s that provides lab tests for each product.

Is Delta 8 THC legal in all 50 states?

Most states don’t have regulations in favor or against Δ8-THC. So far, only 18 states have placed restrictions or outright bans on the use and possession of the compound, while another four are currently reviewing its legality.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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